Monday, November 30, 2009


I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great long weekend. I worked a few hours Friday and spent the weekend painting our kitchen and dining room. I know I'm supposed to sit around and relax, but this is the last free weekend we have till the New Year. We have back-to-back family parties for the next 2 weeks, then we're going out of town to the in-laws' for a few days. No real symptoms to speak of. I thought I felt some cramping yesterday, but it may have been my imagination. I have a bunch of internet cheapie pregnancy tests and have been taking them to see if the HCG trigger is out of my system yet. As of this morning, I still had a very faint positive, but it's getting lighter and lighter. Hopefully it will soon start getting darker!

Today marks the 9-year anniversary of my father's death. He died at age 48 of complications from Type I Diabetes. I was 22 years old and had just graduated from college when he passed. I still think of him every day. Through all his illness, pain and hardship, he never complained. He always had a smile and quick joke. I feel him looking over me and I really wish my future children could have known their grandpop. Anyway, he's here in spirit!


  1. Good luck in the 2ww - I was with you yesterday with the tiny bit of cramping that was possibly nothing?? :)

    I'm sorry about your father. Your dad and my mom are watching over us...

  2. Counting down your 2ww! Very exciting. I never got betas with IUI. The RE just waited to see if AF arrived. Kinda nice to get the beta. I tested out the trigger in the past and it was always gone by 7dp trigger. Hopefully you will start to see two lines again soon!

    I was sorry to hear of your father's passing but what found memories you have of him as evident from your post.... Hugs :-)