Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I had an ultrasound this morning and all is well.  The yolk sac measured at 3 mm.  It appears that the ultrasound nurse misread or mis-measured the yolk sac last week, so it was probably never enlarged in the first place.  The baby is looking great, heartbeat is great and there are no concerns.  I'm very relieved but also a little irritated at the nurse's error.  (My pregnancy nurse shares that sentiment)  I'll have my first OB appt tomorrow morning and will also go for that blood DNA test.  I was going to cancel it but I figure I may as well get it for my peace of mind.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thanks and another update

Thank you guys for your nice comments, they mean a lot.  I did a lot of googling last night and you know how that goes - lots of bad and good stories.  I read a few scientific studies about the yolk sac and the newest ones show mixed results for a viable pregnancy, just as the doctor said. I made a lot of calls this morning and won't be able to get into MFM till late next week at the soonest.  MFM only schedules patients with a referral from the OB. I just switched OBs and they can't order MFM tests until they have seen me, they moved my appointment up from the 17th to the 13th. My RE can't send me to MFM because they are not considered to be OBs. (damned insurance companies) All the doctors agree I should get that newfangled "cell free" DNA testing done, where they take fetal DNA from the mother's blood and test it for chromosomal issues and gender. Neither my RE nor my OB does it, so I'll do it through a private lab and pay out of pocket. That way, if the results come up normal I can opt out of CVS.  If they're abnormal, I'll have time to do the CVS or other testing. It will be done around 10 weeks, then I'll go from there. I have an ultrasound next Wednesday to see what's going on with the yolk sac.  I'm going to try and put it out of my mind until then.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A complication

I had an ultrasound today there's a potential issue with the pregnancy. Good news: baby is measuring perfect for 8 weeks and the heartbeat is good. Bad news: I have a pretty big sub-chorionic hematoma which wasn't there 2 weeks ago and my yolk sac is abnormally large (measuring 8, anything above a 6 is abnormal). However, I'm not bleeding or spotting. My usually very chill RE called me TWICE today (left a voicemail, then called an hour later and spoke to me) to tell me that I may want to get to a maternal fetal medicine doc ASAP. He didn't say anything about the SCH, but says the enlarged yolk sac could be a sign of chromosomal abnormalities. He says it may be nothing, but I may need to get CVS testing to rule out any chromosomal issues. Ugh, not what I was expecting at all. I'm going to be a bundle of nerves until I can see a specialist, I'm going to try and get in ASAP.