Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CD 12 - IUI is tomorrow!

IUI is tomorrow! I went in this morning for my Day 12 ultrasound and they found 3 really good follies - 2 on the left and one on the right. So, I ran home and took the Ovidrel shot, then I'll go back tomorrow morning for the IUI. DH has a meeting at work in the morning, so I'll have to drop off his sample at about 7:30 am, then go back at 9 am for the IUI.

I'm having Thanksgiving at my place this year, but it will be a small group. It should be a fun and relaxing weekend. Should I drink on Thanksgiving? I've been somewhat laissez-faire about the whole alcohol thing during the whole TTC process. I'm not a big drinker, but during the 2WW I normally conclude that I'm 99% not pregnant, so I may as well have a drink. I think I may have a glass of wine with dinner and that's it. I am switching from coffee to tea and bought a bunch of green tea in preparation for the 2 week wait. Wegman's sells this awesome bottled green tea - the brand is "Ito En" and it comes from Japan. It's just pure green tea and water - no sweetener or additives or anything. My favorite is the lemongrass green tea and the mint green tea. I'll be chugging it for the next two weeks!


  1. Yay for IUI! Sending swimming thoughts! :-) The green tea sounds yummy, too!