Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CD 13 - IUI today!

The IUI went just fine. It was definitely an odd experience carrying a cup of my husband's semen to the doctor's office at 7:00 this morning! He had an early meeting and couldn't come with me, but no big deal. The count was 44 million, which is very good. I laid on the table for 10 minutes afterward and did some deep meditative breathing. Unfortunately I had to work today - some last-minute deadlines to attend to before the long weekend. I have acu tonight, which is a lucky coincidence. I'll go in next Wednesday for bloodwork, then the following week for the pg test (if AF doesn't arrive). Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I'll check back next week!!


  1. Glad your IUI went well! Yay on dh's count. Crossing fingers and toes for a bfp in 2 weeks :-)

  2. Good luck! We are in the 2ww together!