Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Breaking the bank

I got a friendly letter from the RE on Saturday, stating that their price for the IUI with injectables is over $1500.00 and it must be paid at my first appointment.  This doesn't cover the price of the medications, which are looking like they will be about $750 per cycle.  I am insured through my husband's job, and they provide absolutely no coverage for any infertility treatment whatsoever.  They recently changed our prescription coverage, but they they don't cover injectable fertility medications of any kind.  We are fortunate that our state (NJ) mandates fertility coverage by law, but unfortunately my husband works in Pennsylvania and our plan is administered in PA.  So, we don't get that benefit either.  I know it's been said over and over again, but it is fundamentally unfair that many health insurance plans cover pregnancy, contraception, and erectile dysfunction but don't cover infertility treatment.  It's not our fault that we are infertile.  I didn't do anything to cause my infertility.  We are being punished for something that we have no control over.  It is so frustrating!  So, we are most likely going to have to clean out our savings (and possibly our retirement accounts if we end up doing IVF). 

On that note, if anyone knows which pharmacy is the cheapest for Folli.stim, Lu.pron, etc. please let me know.  I am using a NJ-based mom and pop pharmacy, but I don't know if their prices are cheapest.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

RE consultation today...

I just got back from our consult with the RE.  We met with one of the nurse practitioners, who was very nice.  The plan is to do a few more IUI's with Follistim, then possibly on to IVF.  She says it's totally up to us how many more IUI's we want do to, since we are paying out of pocket.  She said that the success rate with Clomid is actually only about 5% (I had been told 20%) but that the injectables have a much better success rate.  We'll probably do 2 or 3, then move on to IVF.  Their IVF price isn't as high as some that I've seen - she said it's about $6000 plus the cost of drugs.  She said if we do move on to IVF we will have a very high chance of success, as much as 70%, due to my age.  Their general success rate is about 45%, but she says that in women my age (under 35), they normally only transfer one good-quality embryo and about 70% of these women get pregnant.  So, some reassuring news.  We'll do the first injects cycle in August.  I can't do it sooner due to work obligations, which would interfere with monitoring appointments.  I'll continue to check in from time to time. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sending positive thoughts to Jo

My blog-friend Jo got some bad news today.  Please send some love and good thoughts her way.

Friday, June 18, 2010


The beta was negative.  Fail #3.  I'm fine, taking it in stride.  At least now I can take some Advil for these cramps!  Still no period, but it will probably come tomorrow.

Beta this morning, waiting for the results

I went in for a beta this morning, which was the day they told me to come for a test when I had the IUI. Today is technically 13 DP IUI, so the beta is one day early, but my regular office doesn't operate on Saturdays. I've not had a double line on the HPT's since last week when I was testing out the trigger. I have had menstrual-like cramps on an off since Wednesday, so I really feel like I'm going to get my period. I always have one full day of cramps before "AF" arrives. I actually took 2 advil yesterday morning, thinking that my period was imminent. Feeling pessimistic, since I haven't had a positive HPT. I'll get "the call" this afternoon and go from there. If this one fails, we'll meet with the RE to see what the next steps are.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BFN, so far

I tested yesterday and today (10 and 11 DP IUI) and both were BFN. It's still a bit early, though. If I make it to Friday without my period, I'll go in Friday morning for a beta. No idea what my temperature is doing, but feeling like this one probably didn't work, as I expected. No biggie. On to bigger and more expensive drugs.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I'm at our beach house for the weekend for some much-needed R&R. I didn't bring any tests with me so I wouldn't be tempted! We'll get back Monday afternoon, but I have a night class, so I probably won't test again till Tuesday, which will be 10 DP. I tested yesterday to see if the trigger was gone, and I still had a very faint line, but the trigger is probably gone by now. I'm having no unusual symptoms, other than a backache and some GI issues which I won't elaborate on! ;) Yesterday was our 5-year wedding anniversary, and we're going out for a nice dinner tonight in Ocean City. I've been feeling very good mentally over the last few weeks and feel somewhat at peace this cycle. Hopefully I won't lose my sh*t if I get a BFN, like I did last time.

I skipped my progesterone test yesterday! It wasn't my fault. My doctor only does them between 7am - 10am. I had to be in Court at 8 AM, and the court is nearly 2 hours away, so I couldn't stop by in the morning. I called the doctor and they said it would be OK to stop by before 3pm, but my case was moved to the afternoon and I didn't get out of court till about 3:30! So, I totally missed my chance. I was wondering if I could just show up at a lab down here and get the test done, or if I need a slip from the doctor's office. Hopefully they won't be mad at me for skipping it. I know with 100% certainty that I ovulated.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

IUI was today!

I had the IUI this morning. DH's post-wash was a little over 10 mil, which is an all-time low for us. We ended up BD on CD13 (we were told to do it on CD12, but didn't feel like it) so I think the extra day of abstinence would have improved his count. The doc said that anything over 10 mil is OK, so at least we made the cut. I'm having MAJOR ovulation pain today, mostly on the left side, and feel super bloated. Having some friends over for dinner tonight, and planning to kick back and relax tomorrow. Hopefully this 2ww won't make me crazy. Next weekend is our 5-year wedding anniversary and we'll be spending the weekend at our beach house. I'll be very busy the next 2 weeks, so hopefully it will go by fast. I'll check back in a few days.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jolly follies

Today was the CD12 ultrasound and holy crap, I have 5 follicles! I can't remember the exact details, but I believe there were three on the right (largest around 20, the others in the 15-16 range) and two on the left (I think around 19 and 16). I don't know what my lining was (they never mention the lining). The doctor said "you always have such beautiful follicles!" It doesn't provide much comfort after 2 failed IUI's. The IUI will be on Saturday morning (which has totally f'ed up my weekend plans, as I was planning to go to the beach on Friday night). We'll see how it goes, since I'm in class till 10pm every night this week and we are supposed to BD tonight. I'll check in again after the IUI.