Monday, April 9, 2012

25 weeks

I know I sound like a broken record, but sorry I haven't kept up very much with the blog.  To be honest, I've felt a little funny about posting about my pregnancy on this blog, which I started to talk about my infertility.  There's been a lot of controversy online lately about the recent creation of the "Parenting After Infertility / Loss" (PAIL) subsection of the infertility community, because some believe that you don't really "belong" in the community after you are pregnant or parenting.  JW Moxie has posted some great articles about this issue - go read them.  Anyway, when I first announced my pregnancy, several bloggers I used to read posted about how sad / disappointed they were about recent pregnancy announcements on several infertility blogs they read (including mine, I imagine).  Anyway, I'm sure I lost a lot of readers when I announced my pregnancy, but I'll continue to post at least until the baby is born.  I'm really trying to move on from infertililty and leave that chapter of my life behind, at least until we inevitably are unable to conceive our second child.  I hope a few of you are still interested to see what is going on with me!

Anyway, on with the update!

Total Weight Loss/Gain:  I've gained about 13 lbs so far.  I'm surprised I haven't gained more, but I imagine the last trimester is when I'll really start to gain more quickly.  People comment how "small" I am considering I'm past the 6-month mark at this point.  I'm quite surprised, because I'm 5'2" and always thought I'd blow up like a balloon, but I think I'm carrying him more "internally."  Here's a belly shot taken last week if you're interest. 

Maternity Clothes:  Pretty much all the time now!  I have 1 or 2 pre-pregnancy tops that still fit though.

Stretch marks:  Still none!

Sleep:  This week it has been good.  It really varies from one week to the next.  There was a period of time where I was waking up for 1-2 hours in the middle of the night (I think it was more stress related than anything, it was right when we were closing on our new house).  Now I'm back to sleeping through the night, only getting up once to pee, amazingly.

Movement:  Lots of movement, all day!  It's great!  I can see it on the outside sometimes.  I am starting to feel him higher up into my rib cage.

Cravings/Aversions:  Still eating lots of fruit and yogurt.  Craving sugar and sweets (unfortunately I'm succumbing to the cravings). 

Gender:  Still a boy

Symptoms:  I'm having heartburn daily, especially in the afternoon and evening.  Tums, enzyme pills and Granny Smith apples help usually.  I can no longer take a very deep breath. 

What I miss:  Alcohol and sushi!

What I look forward to:  My shower (which will be in mid-June) and getting the nursery set up.

Moods:  Pretty good.  I was in a crappy mood after getting back from vacation, but I feel better this week.

Milestones: I hit the 6-month mark last week!

Medical concerns:  I still have a low-lying placenta and marginal insertion of the umbilical cord.  I had an ultrasound last Monday and both issues seem to be resolving themselves.  The doc is not concerned at all.  I'll have my next ultrasound in mid-May.

Misc:  Lots going on!  Our vacation was great and it was hard to come home to a busy office and all the work related to moving to a new house.  We closed on our house in late May and will move at the end of this month.  We're still trying to sell our house, so we're going to be stretched a little thin financially once we start paying both mortgages next month.  Work is crazy as usual and it will only get worse in the weeks leading up to my due date, as I try to get all my cases taken care of before I go on leave.  Thanks to those who are still reading, I'll try to update more often!