Thursday, November 19, 2009

CD 7 - HSG today

Today was my last day on Clomid and I also had my first HSG ever. I had heard that it can be quite painful so I took the day off work. I got to sleep in and loaf in front of the TV with the cats for a few hours this morning, which was nice! The HSG wasn't too bad - pretty painful for about 1 minute (especially when they put the dye in) and cramps for about 10 minutes afterwards. I got triple good news -- my uterus is normal, my tubes are open and my husband's semen analysis from last week came up normal!! He had a 70 million count, 50% motility, normal morphology. Yay! He must have just had a bad day when he had the first SA back in February. The doctor was very kind and said to "think positive thoughts" about this cycle, so that's what I plan to do. My ultrasound is Tuesday morning and then I'll know when the IUI will be.

I had acupuncture last night and we reviewed my charts. This is three full cycles that I've been getting acupuncture, and we lined up the charts to see the changes. The first two cycles, my temperatures never rose above 98.0, which my TCM doc said means that my body isn't ovulating "strongly" enough. This last cycle, I had a few days in the low 98's, which she says means that my body is responding to the treatment. I've enjoyed TCM a lot more than I thought I would - I really look forward to my weekly sessions. I get relaxed as soon as I get up on the table. I'll continue the treatment during my IUI cycles (and hopefully pregnancy if that happens).

I'll check back in Tuesday after the ultrasound.

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  1. Glad for your good news today and that the HSG wasn't too bad for you. I understand that some RE's believe the HSG can clean out "cobwebs" in the tubes, so with the good SA results, you guys might be all set :-) Positive thoughts for Tuesday!