Thursday, July 17, 2014

27 weeks

I can't believe that I'm officially in the third trimester!  Things are going fine so far, but I won't lie, it's getting harder.  I've gained over 25 lbs so far and starting to waddle.  The belly is much bigger this time and the baby is kicking like crazy.  (which I love)  The heartburn isn't as bad as last pregnancy but I still have to take antacids every day.  Thank goodness I haven't had the tormenting rib pain that I had with the last pregnancy, but I get an ache every one in a while.  Work is crazy as I attempt to get as much work done as possible before maternity leave in October.  The clock is ticking!  I'm going to take a longer leave this time, partly due to the holidays, so I need to have all my ducks in a row before I go.  Running a law practice while having children is no joke!  Luckily I have great staff and some great attorney friends who will cover for me while I'm out.  I'm starting to plan baby brother's nursery, I will convert one of the guest bedrooms into his room.  I'm making curtains for S's room (he has two big windows, so gets a lot of sun and his room tends to get very hot), as soon as I'm done I will start on baby brother's room.  We can't for the life of us agree on a name for this one, we've just been calling him "baby brother!" 

Speaking of S, he is turning 2 in less than 2 weeks!!  I can't believe my baby is turning 2.  He is doing great, talking up a storm and enjoying playing outside this summer.  He's a delightful child and while we're starting to see a little bit of terrible two behavior, he is easygoing and cheerful for the most part.  I'll post a pic soon.  Thanks for reading!