Thursday, December 3, 2009

8 DPIUI...

Eight days past the IUI and getting antsy to test! I tested Tuesday morning to see if the HCG was all out of my system and it looks like it is, since the test was stark white negative! I don't have any symptoms except for some bloating (though it may just be from Thanksgiving overindulgence!) My temperature spiked yesterday but dropped down today (though I took my temp at 5:30 am - too early for a proper temperature). I had acupuncture last night and my TCM doctor was very happy with my temperatures. She said that my body is probably balanced now and that I should try to conceive naturally if I didn't get pregnant this month. When I started going to her in September, my post-ovulations temps never went above 98.0. Yesterday it was 98.7! I really don't feel pregnant, so who knows if this IUI worked or not. I'm definitely going to start testing on Saturday morning, which will be 10 DPIUI. It may be too early, but I'm not going to hold out until my beta on Wednesday!

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  1. I wouldn't rely on symptoms. I had no symptoms prior to testing positive and then only tested very faintly positive in the evening of 12dpo. Good luck, girl! I'll be rooting for you!