Saturday, June 5, 2010

IUI was today!

I had the IUI this morning. DH's post-wash was a little over 10 mil, which is an all-time low for us. We ended up BD on CD13 (we were told to do it on CD12, but didn't feel like it) so I think the extra day of abstinence would have improved his count. The doc said that anything over 10 mil is OK, so at least we made the cut. I'm having MAJOR ovulation pain today, mostly on the left side, and feel super bloated. Having some friends over for dinner tonight, and planning to kick back and relax tomorrow. Hopefully this 2ww won't make me crazy. Next weekend is our 5-year wedding anniversary and we'll be spending the weekend at our beach house. I'll be very busy the next 2 weeks, so hopefully it will go by fast. I'll check back in a few days.


  1. Sorry about the major ovulation pain. . . . I hate that.

    You and I will be waiting together this cycle: my IUI is tomorrow morning! Hope this is "it" for both of us. ;-)

  2. Crossing fingers for success and hoping the next 2 weeks fly by!