Friday, June 18, 2010

Beta this morning, waiting for the results

I went in for a beta this morning, which was the day they told me to come for a test when I had the IUI. Today is technically 13 DP IUI, so the beta is one day early, but my regular office doesn't operate on Saturdays. I've not had a double line on the HPT's since last week when I was testing out the trigger. I have had menstrual-like cramps on an off since Wednesday, so I really feel like I'm going to get my period. I always have one full day of cramps before "AF" arrives. I actually took 2 advil yesterday morning, thinking that my period was imminent. Feeling pessimistic, since I haven't had a positive HPT. I'll get "the call" this afternoon and go from there. If this one fails, we'll meet with the RE to see what the next steps are.


  1. Wow, I'm surprised that your clinic doesn't operate on Saturdays. Ours is 7 days a week, and I figured they were all that way, since, as one of my RE's nurses says, "ovaries know nothing about the calendar."

    I don't necessarily think you are out, so I am thinking good thoughts for a + test.