Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BFN, so far

I tested yesterday and today (10 and 11 DP IUI) and both were BFN. It's still a bit early, though. If I make it to Friday without my period, I'll go in Friday morning for a beta. No idea what my temperature is doing, but feeling like this one probably didn't work, as I expected. No biggie. On to bigger and more expensive drugs.


  1. Don't count yourself out yet! 10 and 11 DP IUI is still very early. The majority of women who are actually pregnant won't see a BFP until nearly 14 DPO:

    Thinking good thoughts for you.

  2. ooohhh...I hoping for that BFP for you!

  3. Thanks for the link - I know I'm crazy for POAS this early, I just can't help it.