Monday, December 7, 2009


Tested again this morning on an internet cheapie and still BFN. Not even a hint of a line. I have a feeling that this IUI didn't work. My temps are still quite high but have dropped off a bit since the weekend. I guess time will tell.

I got my progesterone number from last Wednesday's test and it was very high - 67.8. She said that it definitely indicates ovulation but too soon to predict pregnancy. The high progesterone level in my system may explain some of these strange symptoms.

I have court on Wednesday morning, so I won't be able to go in for a beta - I'll have to wait till Thursday morning. That will give an extra day for AF to make her appearance before going in for the bloodwork. Ugh, the frustration and uncertainty is killing me!


  1. I am the world's worst about dealing with uncertainty, so I know exactly how you feel! Big hugs, Francie.

  2. I hate all the waiting, frustration, and uncertainty too - I know how you feel! I hope you get some good news soon, Francie...