Monday, September 20, 2010

Triggering tonight!

I had my last monitoring appointment this morning.  I have two big follies (both measuring around 20mm) on the right side, plus a few smaller ones which probably won't produce an egg.  I've gotten the go ahead to trigger tonight.  The IUI will be on Wednesday morning (CD 13).  I'm stoked because I only went though one vial of Follistim, so I have a ton left (2 600mcg vials) for future IUI's.  If we repeat next month (here's hoping we won't need to!) then I'll only need to order Ovidrel.  It's always nice to save a dollar or two (or several hundred)...


  1. Here's hoping this cycle will be "it" and you won't need the rest of the Follistim!

    Good luck!

  2. good luck! i like the idea of an IUI because it means that all the guess work is taken out -- you know that the little egg is there waiting and the sperm are right on their way to meeting it at the right time.

    i hope that everything goes perfectly. :)


  3. Good luck! Hope everything goes smoothly.