Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Acupuncture, take 2

I started acupuncture again yesterday.  I found a new practitioner close to work which will be much more convenient.  I had my consultation, and she told me that I'm showing signs of liver, kidney and some spleen deficiency.  She also said my heart pulse was weak.  So, I'll be getting treatment once a week for a few weeks, then down to maybe once every two weeks.  I really missed it.  I'm 9 DPO today and don't feel especially pregnant, so I doubt I am.  I had some major GI issues over the weekend which haven't fully resolved, but I was traveling and eating lots of rich food, so that's probably the cause.  I had a lot of cramping and pressure in my abdomen yesterday, but not putting much stock in any of it.  I'm expecting AF on Monday, then it's on for IUI #4!


  1. Hey it sounds like we're on the same schedule. I'm anticipating (though don't know for sure, since I haven't been keeping track of anything) AF on or around Monday as well, then it's onto IUI #4 for us as well. I hope this is it for both of us!

  2. Hey, I guess it looks like we're on the same schedule, too (if you were 9dpo yesterday)! Good luck to us all!