Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Notes from the 7 DP IUI monitoring appointment...

I had my 7 DP IUI monitoring appointment this morning.  When I was taking the Clomid, they simply did bloodwork to check my progesterone level.  With the injectables, they also do an ultrasound to make sure the ovaries look OK.  Mine looked fine - the doctor counted 4 "CL's" (I assume she meant corpus luteum's (lutei?) - 2 on each side.  Does this mean that I ovulated 4 eggs??  I didn't ask.  Anyway, they said they'd call if my progesterone was low and have me start suppositories.  They didn't call, so I assume it was OK.  I won't test (or probably post) again till Monday, which will be 12 DP IUI.  This time, they told me to wait until 14 DP IUI, and if no period, call them to schedule a beta the following day.  So, theoretically I may have a beta next Thursday.  We shall see - one thing at a time.


  1. I love that your clinic does post-IUI monitoring. Our RE does not, and I would sometimes wonder whether I had, in fact, ovulated. While I wouldn't have liked more blood tests and ultrasounds, it would be nice to know you ovulated.

    I think four corpus lutei (?) would mean you released four eggs, since the corpus luteum is what the follicle becomes after the egg is released. Now, whether each of these eggs was mature and ripe for fertilization is another question.

    Good luck!

  2. good luck! i have my fingers crossed for you that everything works out. :)

  3. I wouldn't have asked either - why is that, I wish I spoke up more at my appointments. My sister (who also sees a RE) and I always joke that we always hang up the phone with the doctor's office and already have three questions we had wished we asked! Good luck!!