Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm checking in today, 4 DP IUI.  I'm having major GI issues (mainly constipation) and lots of cramping and lower back pain.  I'm not sure if it's my digestive system or my uterus which is the source of the cramping.  My boobs are sore, but I believe that is from the HCG trigger.  I've been very "good" this cycle so far about not drinking coffee or alcohol.   Past cycles, I kept drinking coffee and had a drink or two during the 2ww, partly because I didn't think it would hurt anything if I did.  This time, I'm trying to really take care of my body, just in case this IUI worked.  Mentally, I'm feeling very calm and positive.

Still testing out the trigger and it was positive as of today.  I'll keep testing every other day till it's gone, then stop testing till hopefully next Monday (12 DPO).  We're heading out of town to Virginia next weekend for an ultimate frisbee tournament that Bunny is playing in.  I won't bring any tests with me, so that I won't be tempted!

Just for fun, here's the series so far.  The numbers next to the tests are days past trigger.  Based on previous cycles, the tests turn negative by around 8 DPT.  These are Wondfo tests, which I find to be accurate.  I have a zillion of them.  Thanks for all the comments - I was hearing crickets around here for awhile!  Glad to hear you all are reading and supporting me - I appreciate it!


  1. good luck!

    and a frisbee tournament?! sounds cool!

    b :)

  2. It's to make sure that the HCG shot is out of your system, so that when you take a pregnancy test for "real" you know it's not just the HCG trigger in your system. Also, it's fun to see a positive pregnancy test, since I've never seen one!