Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick monitoring update... CD9

The monitoring appointment this morning turned up one dominant follicle at 16mm and a few smaller ones.  The doc thinks I'll probably trigger Monday or Tuesday.  It seems quite early, since Monday is only CD 11.  He said he has high hopes for me this cycle, but if this one doesn't work they may increase the Follistim dose next time so I'll have more mature follicles.  I'm still on 100 mcg.  I haven't even gotten through one vial of the meds this month, so hopefully the other two vials in my fridge will carry me for another cycle.  I'll check in again on Monday.

The doctors keep telling me that everything is "perfect" and that they think I'll get pregnant this time, but it doesn't ever actually happen.  I'm not going to get my hopes up until I see a positive pregnancy test.  Not sure yet whether I'll test out the trigger, but I probably will.  I'm really going to try and hold off starting "official" testing until at least 12 DPO.  Let's see if I have the discipline!


  1. good luck! i really like how your doctors are telling you that everything is great and they have high hopes for you this cycle. i think it's great that they're all really positive -- sometimes you go see these doctors and because it's what they do for a living they can forget that they're dealing with a very emotional time and it can feel a bit robotic..if you know what i mean.

    i hope that their positivity equals a positive for you! good luck :)


  2. Good Luck tomorrow! I am CD 16 today and also have a scan tomorrow morning. Also, I am on Follistim but I am on 125iu. We hope to trigger sometime this week and IUI as well.

  3. Thanks Jenn! Good luck this cycle.

  4. Hi - i just found your blog when searching for Follistim. I am using it for the first time, so trying to see other peoples experience. Good luck with this cycle!