Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two quick book recommendations...

I'm reading two great books about coping with infertility that I thought I'd share.  They are both pretty popular among the infertile crowd.  I wish I'd read them a long time ago.  All the other fertility related books I have read tell me "use my method and you'll get pregnant right away!" (I'm looking at you, Taking Charge of Your Infertility and The Infertility Cure.)  I do recommend "Taking Charge" and "The Infertility Cure" to people who are just starting the TTC process, but I find them to be somewhat misleading in their claims to "cure" infertility.

Anyway, I highly recommend these books:

Conquering Infertility by Alice Domar
A Few Good Eggs by Maureen Regan and Julie Vargo


  1. I recommend TCOYF to anyone who is just starting to TTC. Really, unless you took a lot of science and health care related courses in school, very few people actually understand how their cycles work. (I was a nurse, and I still learned things from this book.)

    I read Domar's book (wrote about on my blog at the time, actually), and while I thought it was interesting, I was also a bit skeptical about some of her recommendations.

    I have not checked out A Few Good Eggs, though I've seen it. Is it fun, informative?

  2. I've been doing this whole TTC thing for so long, that I am always surprised by what people DON'T know about their bodies. Of course, I know more than the "average" bear about it, but it feels like I've known it, well, forever! I can't wait to read the books you've recommended.

  3. A few good eggs is a great book!! it's easy to read, and kind of fun.... will check out Domar's book

  4. When Empty Arms Become A Heavy Burden was a great book that I read when we were going through infertility! It is Christian based and deals with the emotional side. God Bless You!! Brenda