Friday, July 30, 2010


I ordered my Folli.stim for the upcoming cycle - the price was shocking!!  Over $1500 for 3 600 ml vials of it, plus the Ovi.drel.  I'm not familiar with the dosages of Folli.stim, but isn't 1800 ML a lot for one cycle?  Is this supposed to carry me through several cycles?  Any input is appreciated.  Ugh, I'm still reeling over this price. 


  1. holy crap!!!!!

    I have no idea about the dosing, but I'm paying attention so make sure you update. These meds are so expensive!!!

  2. Wow! That does seem like a lot.

    On my last IVF cycle, I had 1200ML and ended up having a LOT left over. I definitely understand everyones dosing is different, but I was also shocked at the time because it seemed like too much (and it was).

    Follistim does last in the fridge, and I ended up donating mine back to the doctor in case someone else needed extra, but my insurance covered it, so I didn't feel as much hurt in my wallet.

    I definitely get the idea of saving you the stress of having to get more if you need it, but I would double check with the doctor about how much you will be taking this cycle.
    Good luck!!

  3. I used two 900 ml pens on my fresh IVF cycle, so 1800 sounds about right. Better to have too much than to run out mid-cycle and have to go through the stress of ordering more.

    And yes, the prices for meds are insane, especially when you are paying out of pocket. Did you order through the mail? Sometimes thats a bit cheaper. We used Freedom Pharmacy (they specialize in fertility meds) and were very pleased with their services.


  4. with just my IUI cycle I used a 900ml Im sure it will be more for IVF. Good luck!

  5. I paid about $325 for a 450 IU vial of Gonal-F for my last injectables cycle, plus about $50 for Ovidrel. I got the Ovidrel from Freedom Pharmacy because it was cheaper, but the Gonal-F (same drug as Follistim) was from our local pharmacy.

    The prices of the fertility meds are indeed shocking.