Tuesday, March 2, 2010

IUI, Take 2

My new cycle started yesterday, so IUI #2 is go. I'm feeling much differently this time - all the optimism and excitement I had last time around is gone. I was holding out the delusion that perhaps I would get pregnant last month and get to call off the IUI, but no such luck. I was feeling particularly sorry for myself over the weekend after going to lunch with some friends and their beautiful babies. I'm not one to resent others for their normal fertility or avoid situations where I may encounter a pregnancy or baby, but sometimes its just gets to me, you know? So, I'm feeling pretty down and discouraged at the moment. I just want to get through this one and try not to hold out too much hope that it will succeed. I warned my husband that if this one fails, I'm going to lose my sh*t. Clomid starts tomorrow (fun!)


  1. I know it is all so stressful! Hang in there, though... You can do this! :-) Thinking of you and cheering for a bfp at the end of this cycle! :-)

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