Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New RE consult today.

I consulted with a new RE today.  His clinic is about an hour away, but has very high success rates.  It was a very interesting meeting and much different from my current clinic.  I loved it!  It's a smaller but very patient-focused.  I met a lot of the staff and sat down with all of them.  The doc reviewed my records and has a very interesting theory of why my IVF's failed.  He looked at my P4 (progesterone) levels before the transfer and found them to be way too high.  (At the first IVF, it was 2.8, the FET it was 1.8).  He says that my uterus was no longer receptive to implantation with those progesterone levels.  Basically, the uterus was not in sync with the rest of the body.  I've been unable to verify this via Dr. Google, but an interesting theory nonetheless.  He suggests a hysteroscopy, then an FET taking steroids throughout the cycle.  I'm consulting with one more clinic next week but will probably go with him.



    Check out this link. I brought this up to my RE when we did the IVF consult. She seemed weirded out by the article, but I still had a D&C/hysteroscopy. I had the surgery on October 20 and the transfer was December 15 with much success.


  2. Very interesting Francie. I know nothing about progesterone levels, but it does sound interesting. Great to hear a different perspective.