Sunday, July 10, 2011

Consult #2

Last week, I went for another opinion regarding my failed cycles.  It was at a large hospital system with a high success rate.  However, it is a total bureaucracy because it's part of a large network.  Just getting an appointment, I had to make three different phone calls, then was transferred 4 or 5 times before they actually gave me the appointment.  The doctor was very nice and well qualified (Ivy-league education).  He reviewed my records with me and made notes, but didn't have any explanation of why the cycles failed.  The only thing he noticed was that the 225 units of Follistim I was on was a "higher than average" dose, and that my AFC count varied pretty widely from one cycle to another (though he said that it could be human error - different docs read the ultrasounds differently).  I brought up the P4 / premature luteinization issue with him, but he didn't think that was an issue (though didn't seem to know one way or the other).  The only thing he recommended was to get my AMH level tested, which I have never done.  So, I'll do that this week.

Meanwhile, I got a thank-you note from the first doctor I visited!!  They made such a great impression on me, I've decided to go with the first clinic.  It's further away (about an hour drive from my house), but my mom only lives 30 minutes away, so if I have a very early appointment, I can stay at her place.  I'm going to write a nice thank-you note to my current clinic.  The plan at this point is to sit out at least one more cycle, then go ahead with the final FET maybe in September.  I'll have a hysteroscopy when I'm on BCP's for the FET.  (so many acronyms!)  Until then, we will be in complete r&r summer-enjoying mode!

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  1. Oh god, all the terminology I lived and breathed for several brings it all back. The desperation and anguish every single month.

    Thanks for reading my blog Francie. I just wanted to come over and wish you well on the rest of your journey towards parenthood. It bloody sucks, infertility and all its treatments.

    Treat yourself with kindness. You and your body deserve it.