Friday, April 8, 2011

Finally saw the doctor...

We finally had the follow-up consultation with the RE today.  It only took a whole month after the IVF failure. *sarcasm*  My questions and his answers were as follows:

Why is their FET success rate so low?  (In 2009 it was only 18%).

Answer: Doc said that they had some issues with the lab which have now been resolved - something to do with chemicals seeping over from a neighboring office unit (!!!)  He also says that they have taken some "borderline" cases, I guess meaning women who have a low chance of success, which other clinics don't take.  With frozen transfers, it doesn't really matter who does the transfer, but rather the embryo quality and how they were frozen.  I've also heard this from another doctor.

What's my AMH level?

Answer: They've never checked.  They find that FSH is a better indicator of egg quality, while AMH reflects merely the quantity of eggs.

I asked if maybe my polyp has come back.  Maybe there's something wrong with my uterus preventing implantation?

Answer:  Sonohysterogram done in January indicated that there is nothing in there.  The embryo makes its own environment, so as long as the lining measures OK, there should be an implantation problem unless there's a problem with the embryo.

Were my embryos good quality?

Answer:  Yes, they wouldn't have been frozen if they were not.  I have 4 5-day frosties and 1 6-day.  (I thought it was the reverse).  They'll freeze and transfer 2.  If one of the 2 doesn't survive the thaw, then they'll thaw another one.

The doctor was very sympathetic of our situation and said that above all, they want us to succeed.  They encouraged me to seek a second opinion.  Now I need to decide whether to start the FET cycle right away or get another opinion and maybe switch clinics.  Time is of the essence, as AF is (over)due and if I get it in the next few days, I'll have to start BCP's.  Bunny wants to stick with the clinic and start right away.  I'll think about it and decide in the next few days.  What do you guys think?


  1. Hmmm...I'd go for it. You have 6 that made it to day 6, and that is good, um, really really good.

  2. I would stick with your current clinic to do the FETs with the embryos you have. Although I'm concerned about the lab issues!?!? I have never heard a lab admit anything like this!

    If the FETs don't work, consider switching clinics.

    We switched clinics and took our embryos with us. But that was only after 3 failed fresh and 3 failed FETs. So we were fed up and wanted out. (Our embryos still did not work at another clinic). Of course the embryo and freezing quality depend upon the clinic at which they were made, not the new clinic.

    There are so many factors, do what makes you most comfortable.

  3. Wow, that's crazy about the chemicals seeping into the lab! I guess it's a good sign that they admit that, but probably pretty bad that it happened!

    It's hard to decide whether to switch clinics or stay where you are. Good luck with whatever you decide, I hope you can make the decision that is best for you.