Friday, November 19, 2010

IVF chat, part 2

The last RE consult left me with kind of a bad taste in my mouth.  I left feeling like the doctors aren't particularly interested in figuring out the cause of our infertility and that they're just advising us to move on to IVF because it's the next step.  I also was somewhat annoyed that the doctor dismissed the chemical pregnancy, telling me that it was probably just the ovidrel.  Other than semen analysis, no bloodwork or tests have ever been done on my husband.  I also haven't had any tests other than hormone levels, saline sonogram and HSG.  I'd be interested to have an immunology or RPL panel done to see if anything shows up there. 

I have an appointment with a well-renowned clinic in another part of the state for a second opinion.  I still plan to do IVF with my current clinic, but maybe this other doc can look at my chart and give me some insight as to what they think may be the problem. 

I got the quote from the financial person at my clinic.  The IVF will cost $6725 (including ICSI and freezing), plus the cost of meds.  While it is quite expensive, it's a little cheaper than I expected.  They mark it down a bit for people who are not insured.  I'll talk to the IVF coordinator sometime next week to schedule the saline sonogram and bloodwork, so that we'll be ready to start in January or February.


  1. Yeah, I am surprised about the lack of things clinics are willing to do. I wish I had done all the bloodwork sooner.

    Your IVF seems cheap. Mine is over 10K and I have no insurance!

  2. It's so frustrating when doctors don't seem interested in finding the root of the problem. Maybe the other dr. will be more helpful. And hooray for IVF being less than expected!

  3. My two cents: find a doctor you are completely comfortable and trust. (I wasn't satisfied until RE no. 3). The relationship of trust is very important in this process. Good luck!