Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Doctor consult post-mortem

We had our consult with the doctor today to discuss our next options.  It looks like IVF is in the cards for us.  The doctor said that due to the high cost of the injectables cyles (about $1900 a cycle), it makes more financial sense not to do any more IUIs, but to go for IVF.  They provide discounts to uninsured patients, but it's looking like it will be about $10K, including meds.  She couldn't really give us any insight as to why all the failures.  They don't do a lot of screening at this clinic, such as to check for chromosomal issues or recurrent pregnancy loss or anything like that.  At least, not for us.  We're "normal" according to them, though the doc did mention Bunny's low sperm counts which have gotten better since our first IUI's.  She recommended that we ICSI at least some of the eggs.  I raised concern that my luteal phase is getting shorter and shorter, she just said that I'll be given progesterone during the IVF cycle, like they do with all patients.  We'll figure it all out over the next few months, then probably start treatment in the spring.

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  1. IVF is what it took for us after many failed IUIs (and donor IUIs) in my "prior" life. My RE said drs now believe some women have a "gap" between their ovary and tube such that they ovulate normally but the egg never makes it to the uterus for fertilization and this gap doesn't show up on testing such as the dye test to make sure ones tubes aren't blocked.

    I'm so hopeful for you, Francie!