Friday, December 3, 2010

More drama..

Sorry for not posting for a while!  We've been busy the last few weeks with travel and general holiday craziness.  Picking up where we left off last time, I got a copy of my file from my RE and reviewed it thoroughly.  Nothing really stands out.  All my bloodwork levels were normal, and DH's semen analysis was normal.  I was a little concerned with his morphology - it was only 5% normal, but that is apparently in the "normal" range.  So, no answers there.  I touched base with the IVF coordinator about what I need to do now - she told me to call when I got my period (which was due last Friday or Saturday) to schedule the bloodwork and saline sonogram.  I'm now on CD 35 and still no period.  This is epically long for me - the longest cycle that I have had, possibly ever.  I'm definitely not pregnant (trust me).  So, I called my doctor yesterday to see what was up.  They made me come in for a beta / progesterone test today and may have to give me something to start my period.  This is truly bizarre.  So, it's looking like it will be 2 more cycles till we start IVF.


  1. Yeah. These hormone shots really screwed up my cycles. Prior to my first IUI and clomid, I had fertile CM and what always felt like ovulation pains. Since then, I can't tell when my fertile time is.
    The waiting just sucks!

  2. That stinks! We had several delays before our IVF and the waiting was horrible! Hoping AF shows and you are able to move forward soon!

  3. Argh, how frustrating! Sorry your cycle is being crazy long. I really hope you get to move on soon.