Friday, October 29, 2010


I tested today and yesterday and the results are, well... inconclusive.  I guess that's my punishment for testing too early.  Yesterday I tested in the morning with an "internet cheapie" and it had a faint second line.  I tested after work with a FRER and it was also very, very faintly positive.  This morning, both the internet cheapie and the FRER were negative.  I thought, what the hell, and peed on a digital and it was positive.  So, no big announcement yet.  I thought I'd have a blaring positive and be able to make a big announcement here, but it looks like it won't be official till I see a beta.  Here's a pic for your viewing pleasure...


  1. i like the way that CB Digi looks!! best of luck with your beta!!

  2. everyone always goes to the digital for the conclusive if anything, i'd go with that one!!!

    i'd say that it's in writing clear as day for you!! -- congrats!