Sunday, September 7, 2014

35 weeks

Still hanging in here at 35 weeks!  Just a few weeks till October 12.  I'm hoping I'll go a little early this time.  It's more difficult at this stage for me than it was with Baby S.  The baby's head is really low, and when he moves it around it feels really uncomfortable against my cervix and also like I might pee my pants!  I'm as big now as I was when S was born, I can't even imagine how I'll be in 5 weeks.  I'm running out of maternity clothes that fit.  I'm still working a lot (though I have blocked out some "work at home" days so that I can rest).  The Bunny is helping me more with S and around the house, it's getting too hard to wrangle our very energetic 2 year old.  We're pretty much ready for the arrival of (as yet nameless) baby brother, I brought up the infant clothes, bassinet, etc. and made some cute curtains for his room.  A friend will lend us her crib when her toddler is done with it, until then he'll sleep in the bassinet or rock n' play.  S is still in his crib, we're keeping him in it till he's ready to go to his "big boy" bed, which is currently in baby brother's room.  I'll try to update more often from here on out!


  1. Wow! Almost time! I still have A (who will be 3 in 12 days) in a crib. He's never climbed out or attempted to, so I will keep him in it until I can't. It's been a lifesaver when I have to contain him for a minute.
    I hope you are able to rest some in the next 5 weeks. It's impossible, yes, but at least mentally rest? Yea!!!

  2. Good for you for making it to 35 weeks! Take care and can't wait to hear about the arrival of Baby #2! :-)