Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Progesterone is A-OK

I had bloodwork today and my progesterone and E2 levels are fine.  I guess that makes it worth shoving that stuff up my hoo-haa three times a day. 

The cramp I had yesterday is gone today.  Feeling pretty much normal, other than the usual progesterone-related insatiable hunger and thirst.  I had two breakfasts today and have had to keep snacks in my desk for my almost constant need to shove food in my pie-hole. 

I made a serindipitous discovery at work today - two Answer pregnancy tests in my work makeup bag!  I think they are from the last FET.  I'm going to take them home, they'll come in handy this weekend.


  1. bleah to progesterone sup! bleah bleah bleah!

    How many days left until POAS begins?

  2. OMG! This weekend!! This is so exciting!

  3. Were you given the option to do the P.I.O. injections? I begged for the sups but they said no. :(

  4. My Vegas - I'll POAS on Thursday morning (6dpt).

    No, neither of my clinics uses PIO (thank God!!)