Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Like Donkey Kong

FET, round 2 is on like Donkey Kong!  Bring on the Lupron!  It will start tomorrow and I'll only be on it for 2 weeks.  I still don't know the date of the FET but they'll tell me once AF shows up in about a week.  Next Thursday will be a fun adventure, when I get to transport my embryos to their new clinic.  Kind of funny that they're making me do it, but the clinics are only about an hour from each other so it's much cheaper if I transport them myself.  I'll take a picture!

Trying not to get my hopes up this cycle (don't I say that every cycle?)  I fully expect another fresh IVF in my future.  It would be nice to catch a break, though.  This time I'll make no vow to hold off POAS until 10-11 DPO - I'll probably start testing around 6 DPT and keep you guys posted on all the juicy details.


  1. That is very cute that you get to transfer them yourself. Yes! Take a picture! It could be your baby/ies first car ride! How cute!

  2. Are you going to secure them in safety seats?

    Too cute!

    Much luck on this FET. I am glad you'll be posting through it all. I want to follow you on your journey!

  3. Yay, and so it begins. I love that idea of the baby/ies first car ride. Crossing everything for you!