Monday, October 17, 2011


I went in this morning for my baseline.  Everything looked fine and things are on schedule.  I'll continue the Lupron for another 10 days or so, and will start the estrogen pills on Wednesday.  I'll be on them 3x a week for the entire cycle.  I'll also be on the progesterone suppositories 3x a week, which should be fun.  The transfer is scheduled for Nov. 4, which will work out great, cause it's on a Friday and I'll have the whole weekend to loaf and relax.  I thought I was going to be on steroids this whole cycle, but the nurse didn't know and the doctor wasn't in.  They'll let me know on Wednesday once the doctor is back.  This clinic communicates with patients through a voicemail system, which I like.  My old clinic didn't keep me very well updated.

In other news, I noticed recently that my hair has been falling out.  Nothing very visible, but it just looks a little thinner and blah.  My hairdresser even noticed it without me saying anything.  I asked today and they said it's probably a withdrawal from all the estrogen that I was on last FET.  Hopefully it will grow back once I start taking it again. 


  1. Glad things are looking good! I've got everything crossed for you and hoping this is The One.

  2. Yikes on the hair falling out.

    I am super excited for your FET! Keep us posted!

  3. Oooh, I am so hopeful for you!