Monday, August 22, 2011


The hysteroscopy was this morning.  OUCH.  It was as bad (maybe even a little worse) than the HSG.  Luckily it didn't take very long, and my uterus looked "perfect" according to the doc.  I went for my bloodwork and they took 17 (!!!) vials.  So much for going to work today.

Now, the bad news.  The IVF nurse looked at the calendar and set me to start Lupron around the 6th of September.  Unfortunately, we will be on vacation that week.  So, I have to wait another cycle to start the Lupron.  My FET will most likely not be until mid- to late-October at this rate, which I am bummed about.  I was looking forward to getting things going ASAP.  I guess that's just more bad luck lately.

Very excited for my blog friend Gurlee, who got some great news today!!


  1. Thanks Francie! I appreciate the support.

    So crappy that you got pushed back a month, so sorry! But hopefully you will have a fantastic vacation and you will be cycling again before you know it.

    Glad the hysteroscopy went well, 17 vials. Ouch, I'd be on the floor.

  2. 17!! That must be a new record!