Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PUPO (again)

I am PUPO (again).  (= pregnant until proven otherwise)  The day started rough but the transfer went smoothly.  I woke up at 4:30 AM with an earache and couldn't get comfortable, so I got up.  (The same ear that gave me trouble over my last IUI cycle).  I assume that the Z-pack antibiotics I'm already on for the transfer should zap the ear infection.  I'm pretty tired though and will go to bed early tonight.

They thawed 2 embryos and both survived the thaw and looked "good" according to the embryologist.  Both were transferred and I laid there listening to my iPod for 25 minutes.  The Bunny didn't come with me this time, as he had a lot of work piled up after the long weekend.  It was fine without him, though.  I had a celebratory lunch at PF Chang's and am now in "sofa" mode.  I'll have a blood draw Friday for E2 levels, then the beta the following Friday.  I'll try my damndest not to test till Thursday, and even then I plan to only do a digital test. 


  1. congrats!! hoping wishing and praying your embabies stick around for good!!
    best of luck on your 2ww!

  2. good luck! i hope that these are sticky ones for you. rest up.

  3. Best of luck! Thinking of you and hoping this is it.