Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pre IVF testing complete!

Bloodwork - check!
Semen analysis - check!
Cervical culture - check!
Saline sonogram - check!
Trial transfer - OUCH! - check

As of today, all of our pre-IVF testing is complete.  I had my trial transfer, cervical culture, and saline sonogram this morning.  All went fine and no issues, but man, the trial transfer hurt!  I guess my uterus deviates a little to the left (as the doctor put it) so they had issues getting the catheter to go to the correct spot.  So, he poked around quite a bit in there and it hurt pretty bad!  The saline sonogram was totally clear - my polyp of doom hasn't returned.  I'm on BCP's till the 25th, antibiotics for the next 3 days, will be starting Lupron on the 19th and then starting stims Feb 4th!  So, things are moving along fine.  We did hit a bit of a speed bump with my bloodwork -- they found that I'm not immune to varicella (chicken pox) anymore, so they said I need to be vaccinated ASAP.  Luckily, my local Wal.greens clinic does them, so I got the vaccine on Saturday.  It could have screwed up the whole cycle, because you can't get pregnant for at least 30 days after the vaccine.  But the timing of this vaccine was OK - the earliest date I could possibly be pregnant is the 17th of February. 

Lots of stuff going on, I'll keep you all updated.  I'm glad to see many of my blog friends are going through IVF around the same time as me - let's keep each other sane!


  1. Looks like we'll be on a similar timeline, now to order all those meds and figure out what goes where and when! Best wishes!

  2. woo hoo! things are happening!

  3. yeah! onward into the new year for you. congratulations!