Friday, May 21, 2010

Mexican infertility remedies

I have a lot Mexican and Central American clients, whom I love dearly. Most of them come from very poor indigenous backgrounds with little exposure to Western Medicine. Many of them offer me folk remedies for various ailments. When they find out I'm infertile, they like to offer solutions to my infertility. It's often just the usual "have relations 10-14 days after menstruation and stand on your head!" advice. Today I was chatting with a client who asked if I have kids (as they often do). I explained that I haven't been able to have a child and she told me that she had the same problem. She said that she had a "vientre frio" (cold uterus) and that I should drink "te de ajo" (garlic tea) every night. I asked how you make it and she said you peel a head of garlic and boil it in a liter of water, then drink it nightly. Yuck! It's amazing how similar this hot/cold advice is to Traditional Chinese Medicine, which also talks about a cold uterus and ways to heat up the body. It makes me think that maybe there's something to it.

The Ovidrel arrived today and AF should be making her appearance on Sunday. So I should be starting the Clomid sometime next week. Looking forward to a beautiful weekend so we can get some housework done and refinish our deck!

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  1. Hoping this is the magic cycle for your vientre frio :-) Enjoy your weekend!