Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gearing up for IUI #3...

I'm getting ready for IUI #3 this coming cycle, which will start around May 24. That would make the IUI around the 4th of June. This will most likely be my last IUI on Clomid. If this one fails, I'm pretty sure the doc will put me on injectables or something else. I haven't met with the RE since our first meeting - they wanted to do the 3 IUI's and then go from there. We have been taking a total break from TTC the last two months. I wanted to have an IUI this month, but we were out of town on Day 12-14. So much for that!

I found a clinic in this area that has a very interesting IVF program. If you have extra eggs during the IVF process, you can donate them and the clinic will "comp" your IVF procedure! This could be a good option for us, since we have no fertility insurance coverage.

The months of June and July will be somewhat stressful due to some work issues, so hopefully that won't affect the IUI's.


  1. whoah! The extra egg comp sounds great for us unfortunate ones with crappy insurance. Cheers for a successful IUI.

  2. Where is this clinic? That sounds like a sweet deal! Good luck, crossing my fingers for you...

  3. Good luck with the upcoming IUI! The egg comp sounds really cool! Looking forward to hearing about it!

  4. Thanks for the good wishes! The clinic is in Camden and Marlton, NJ (Dr. Check).