Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beta #2

Beta #2 was 230.  It didn't double but the doctor is happy with it, they consider at least a 60% rise in 48 hours to be normal.  They actually called my numbers "excellent" which surprised me.  I'll go for a third beta on Monday.  I think they need it to be over 1000 before they'll schedule an ultrasound.  The somewhat slow rise is making me a little anxious, but I'll take my docs at their word and try not to worry about it. 

Symptom-wise, there's not much going on.  I have had a LOT of cramping this time around.  I cramped pretty badly starting from transfer day through the middle of last week.  I imagine it was implantation but it still made me nervous.  No nausea or sore boobs yet (same as last pregnancy) but the bra is getting a little tight!  The other weird thing that I suddenly remember from last pregnancy is that I was waking up spontaneously at about 5:30 AM every day.  That is back, unfortunately.  I'm also feeling anxious because I'm not supposed to lift anything over 15 lbs, but that is impossible due to my little boy.  He's over 25 lbs and though I don't have to lift him or carry him as much as I used to, it's unavoidable (in and out of the high chair, car seat and crib, especially).  I'm trying to get as much rest as possible, but it's impossible to really take it easy due to the little one.  Not that I'm complaining, of course, but I hope I don't put my pregnancy at risk.

I also realize that I have never updated about baby S!  He is now 18 months old.  He walks, runs, and says over 50 words.  He has been an absolute delight!  He has a sunny, cheerful personality, is easy to please and has a funny sense of humor.  He is staring to get a little more challenging at this age - he is starting to be a little defiant, have tantrums and test limits.  It's all completely normal for a toddler but it gets tough to deal with sometimes.  He's a great eater and sleeper (most of the time).  He has been in daycare since he was 15 months old and he really enjoys it! (he was in a private home from 3 months - 15 months)  We feel like we won the lottery with him and would be fine to have him as an only child, but we really want him to have a sibling.  I think he'll make a great big brother!


  1. 230 sounds great to me!
    Your son sounds delicious! What a joy!

  2. Amazing!!! Congrats. Enjoy your weekend and your wonderful numbers.

  3. Good post all around, not to worry, I am sure that embryo (or two) is doing its thing :)