Monday, January 20, 2014


Just got back a little while ago from the retrieval.  It was very far away - my RE is borrowing another doc's lab while his new one is being set up.  So, we had to drive an hour and a half in each direction.  It all went fine, they got five (or six?) eggs.  I thought the doc said six, Bunny thinks it was 5 - I was dopey from the meds when he was talking to us.  I'm a little disappointed, I was hoping we would have a little more to work with.  My hope is that we will have two to transfer and at least two to freeze.

This cycle has been very different emotionally for me.  I'm much more relaxed, just going with the flow and hoping for the best, while being completely aware that this may not work.  I think that part of the relief is that we already have our sweet boy, so while we would like for him to have a sibling, we're also happy if he's our only one.  We have decided that this will be our last IVF.  If we don't get pregnant from whatever embryos result from this cycle, we're done.  Transfer is Thursday, beta will be February 4th.


  1. Either 5 or 6 embryos sounds good. Fingers crossed that they continue to grow and divide. :-)

  2. I hope those little embryos grow! Sending you fertile thoughts!