Monday, February 21, 2011

Officially PUPO

The transfer was earlier today.  I arrived at the clinic at noon with a full bladder (but luckily not uncomfortably full).  We were brought in the transfer room and the nurse checked my bladder with the external ultrasound and found it to be full enough.  The doc and embryologist came in.  The embryologist advised me that we still have "several" growing embryos, but the two best were an AA and a BB grade (I think that's what she said).  They gave me the option of transferring one or two.  I chose to transfer one, which is what they advise for my age.  We signed the consent and the doc placed the outer tube of the catheter through my cervix, which wasn't a big deal.  Once it was placed, he sent the embryologist to pick up the embryo.  She came back with it and he asked her what she had.  She said "One blastocyst for [my name here]."  It was very official.  We watched on the external ultrasound while the embryo was transferred.  Very cool!  I thought they would give us a picture of it, like many clinics do, but they did not.  I laid there for 30 minutes, then finally pee'd and headed home.  I've been trying to relax as much as possible today, though I can't help but do laundry.  I'll start the estrogen pills tomorrow, bloodwork on Thursday and then the beta will be Tuesday!  But, I will consider myself PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise) until then.  We'll get the freeze report tomorrow.


  1. good luck -- i will cross my fingers that your little embryo burrows in nice and tight!

  2. congrats!!! One is a smart number to transfer.